Billboard is the most common format of outdoor advertising. Huge daily passenger traffic causes widespread popularity of this type of advertising. Billboards work well when address program was selected properly. The task of billboards is to announce product or service, create a solid image for your business. The most popular format billboards is 6,0x3,0 meters. For good visibility of advertising at night billboards are provided with outdoor lighting.

Citylight - is one of the most effective types of advertising media in urban environments. They have two promotional sides and internal illumination. Small size of citylights (1,2 x1, 8 m) allows to set them on the sidewalks along highways (address program), and in this case, the image is at eye level of pedestrians, drivers and passengers.

Citylights advantages:

  • versatility, the ability to easily and quickly change the advertising image;
  • guaranteed visibility of advertising images in the dark;
  • informative, good visibility for both pedestrians and drivers.

If you call our agency, we'll give you the best option to advertise on citylights and we’ll make an address program that solves the task set by your advertising campaign.

Highboard - large size advertising construction (12,0x3,0 meters), intended for placement directly over highways. Visibility zone of the advertising images - 500 meters, and external lighting equipment allows to see it in the dark. Highboards have two sides, so this allows to make it visible for both traffic flows.

Bus shelters today is an integral part of the external appearance of the city. Passengers often use the same shelters, so this provides a large number of contacts between the target audience and advertising information. In contrast to the 5 seconds of contact with billboard, the average waiting time of ground public transport is about 10 minutes, which is enough for the perception of the advertising information placed on bus shelters. You can choose the address for advertising at bus stops, and can trust our program which can be made by our manager.

Brandmauer - advertisement in the form stretched canvas or board, usually large, located in the back walls of houses.

Particularly popular are brandmauers of the large size (50 square meters. Meters), which are used by large companies for an image advertising.

Brandmauers are either spanned panels, which are made of vinyl canvas, or billboard. Vinyl is typically used when an area of the brandmauer is large. It is worth to note that the life of such canvas may reach 5-7 years.

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