Offset printing method is best for medium and large print runs.

Used mainly for printing full-color small format, sheet products, multipage illustrated editions.

Compared with all other types of printing offset features excellent clarity and brightness. In offset printing can be used not only primary colors (CMYK), but also added palette (pantone).

Offset printing method enhances printing capabilities of performance: quality transfer of all nuances and halftone, printing metallic inks, bronzing metal powders (bright metallic luster or delicate diamond shimmer), the hybrid varnishing, etc.

The main advantages of offset printing:

  1. Economical production of medium and large runs
  2. Highest quality reproduction of the original
  3. High quality of halftone
  4. Ability to print on many different types of paper
  5. High degree of standardization and automation of the entire production process - method is optimal for printing recurrent promotional materials and for precisely reproducing corporate colors
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