"Their most simple way to win customers - to do good advertising." David Ogilvy

Outdoor advertising in sight 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The consumer can not crumple and throw it in the basket, or "turn off". It is exhibited constantly and reliably. It may take an infinite variety of shapes and colors. Finally, it has one big advantage over other advertising forms - low cost: outdoor advertising per one contact cheaper than advertising on radio, in newspapers and on television.

Since 1991, we are a reliable partner for our numerous customers in a huge variety of projects - from simple production of signage to installation of a large advertising objects. Carefully selected by our specialists advertising program, the general view of boards and high-quality service always conform to the highest demands made by our clients. Only we do for our customers assess the effectiveness of outdoor advertising media, which is based on calculating the specific indicators for each studied advertising board (size of the daily audience (GRP); specific cost per thousands contacts (CPT)).

We make advertising not only spectacular, but, first of all, effective!

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