1. Roof constructions - equipped with static or dynamic illumination, image, and are one of the most prestigious types of outdoor advertising. The main advantage of this advertisement is the psychological factor of influence on customers. Installing roof-top construction allows the company to declare itself as a leader!

2. Standers or streetlines - metal or plastic small size folding constructions, with two sides for advertising. This is one of the most inexpensive types of outdoor advertising. Standard size: 0,7 x1, 0 m

The main advantage of this type of outdoor advertising - mobility!

3. Trolls - widespread format of outdoor advertising. Banner with sides, size 0.7 x 4m. located directly above the roadway, has an effective impact on the target audience.

It is an effective way to inform your potential customers about various events: promotions, sales, discounts, exhibitions, new services and products, opening new stores, activities, etc.

4. External execution of pylon design is so diverse that reduce it to a single framework is not possible. It may be formed as an abstract design, a combination of several forms (triangles, diamonds, etc.) as a product of copying a real object completely (camera hammer, clock, etc.), as well as a company's trademark.

5. Signboards

Business success always depends on the image and creating an image - primary aim of a signboard.

Producing the signboard should be approached with great care. According to surveys, the signboard is an effective tool that is able to attract in your commercial facility large enough flow of potential customers and clients. Professionally made signboard, which is a free-standing structure, is able to increase your turnover by 15%.

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