"Doing business without advertising - is like winking girls in complete darkness. In both cases, about your actions only you know." Stewart Henderson Britt In subway it is enough dark:)

The average daily ridership of Kharkivs underground is around 700,000 people. Research show that 95% of passengers are interested in advertising in the subway, and 80% of them - "study" it. The average passenger is in the underground for about 10-15 minutes.

Currently, Metro is the most popular, affordable and convenient mode of transport in the city. The concentration of people at stations and trains, especially in the "rush hours", reaches peak. That's why underground allows you to cover a greater number of potential customers (though a certain target audience :-)).

As the ancestor of advertising in the Kharkivs underground, Advertising agency "Inart" for 20 years has successfully developed this type of media. Our services are supported by a vast experience, great knowledge of the media and high quality control of your advertising exposure.

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