"Virtual power of the Internet can help satisfy real needs." Georgy Alexandrov


12 years ago in the advertising agency «Inart» came a group of professionals and enthusiasts, to whom was tasked to develop Kharkivs information portal. The Internet has become a part of our lives, and it was necessary to help Kharkivs citizens to use the limitless possibilities of the world web. Task was successfully accomplished – was developed a portal «All Kharkov». Projects are followed one by another... and today in the portfolio of web-studio «Axis». You will find over hundreds of successful projects and popular sites, that solve complex and unusual tasks. The best evidence of this is the "longevity" of our work. Many of them work successfully for 5-10 years, despite the staggering rate of development of the Internet.

All Kharkov

Today, city information portal «All Kharkiv» is the leading portal with daily attendance of more than 15,000 people and is one of the ten most popular regional portals in Ukraine. The portal is updated and starting new projects. We help people to be aware of all the events, and discover new opportunities for advertisers to promote and advertise their business. After portal «All Kharkov» - a project designed to Kharkiv and for its citizens!
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