History and Philosophy

"Advertising - it's not winning an Effie and Golden Lion awards. This is earning money for your advertisers. "
Sergio Ziman
Advertising agency "Inart" was founded in Kharkiv in 1990.
Being one of the oldest operators of advertising market in Ukraine and the former Soviet Union, "Inart" offers services for all types of advertising from printing business cards, to carry out a nationwide advertising campaigns.
We are always focused on the result and is characterized in that we do not speak what the customers want to hear, but we find the root of the problem and solve it together. You will not hear from us that the next advertising campaign - it's the solution to all your problems. After all professionals who are working here can not afford to stake reputation earned over almost 20 years, in order to obtain a one-time material gain.
Only in "INART" you can find impeccable staff recruitment and training experience, you can get qualified answer as soon as possible. Here, your inquiry will be handled professionally from the assistant to the CEO.
After all working with a client on the highest level - our goal, our mission, our BUSINESS PHILOSOPHY!
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