"How to choose an advertising agency"

This morning on Facebook I read a post that made me smile (grammar and spelling preserved):

- How to advertise and is it worth spending money on untested, but a cheap deal))) Ilya Weizman:

"... I walked across Moscow to office early in the morning (6:10-15), and saw three guys: The first one who placed some ads (format A5) on columns - something about "express-credit", blah blah blah ... Behind him, with a lag of one column walked "supervisor" - and supervises work was photographing these just posted ads. And the third in this step process unflappable janitor from Central Asia, he peels and shoves ads in already quite a big bag of garbage.

All three of them see each other, but do their job diligently. I thought that I saw the whole Russia in a nutshell: three people engaged in their work, using high-tech equipment (flyers printed, digital cameras, all that), they receive a salary, there is something to consume, feed their families - and that the efficiency of their total work is equal to absolute zero ... and they do not care for it. They are "a matter of busy ..."

After reading this POST, I wanted to share my own experience in searching advertising agency, which will not be imitating the work, but also give the result to the client who came. So how to make this choice?

Above all, remember: you can not call the company advertising agency that provides only placement of posters in the subway or pasting posters on billboards. It is rather a "distribution agency." They are able to work well with fasteners or self-adhesive, but about marketing and creative approach have the same representation, which has the listener of tailoring courses about special installation of Linux.

Be aware that if your advertising project attracts more than three implementing organizations, unrelated, it is doomed to failure. Experience comes with age, so you should contact the agency, which operates on the market for over 3 years. This does not mean that just formed teams can not give result. Especially because the phrase "experience comes with age" goes like this: but sometimes age comes alone.

How to choose? And here – portfolio will help you! Portfolio of agencies - the mirror of their work. Successful cooperation with famous clients - a pledge that you turned to responsible and experienced agency, and its experience will help you solve your problem.

Note the number of employees in the agency. If the number of employees is high, it means that each of them is in place, and "each will be rewarded according to his deeds." Agency of the three persons is unlikely to give you a real advertising service, though, you can take the risk.

Arriving at the first meeting note the office. Nothing so characterizes man as his workplace. Say, tastefully decorated office - this is secondary? We will not argue. But first contact with the secretary - a very important indicator. Rate secretary’s action as one of the members of the team with which you have to work. Its not only to offer a cup of coffee or tea, but also verified phrases, clear understanding the customers problem and streamlined actions for informing employees about your visit. This will be the first indicator of the team.

So, the first negotiations. If you say that you need to develop and produce only business cards, and after your words on the face of the advertising agency employee you see bewilderment mixed with disgust, politely say goodbye and leave. This means that agency is not interested in in you, and it sees you as just a cash cow. In the end of negotiations, the financial question is raised. If the agency immediately promises you a discount, recalls some actions and as a result quickly lowers the price for its service, it indicates a lack of principles, and your work will be done carelessly. Money - it's pay for work, and the more work and time it will take to work on your order, the more money you have to pay.

And again, there is nothing that strengthens faith in people as prepayment. A reliable partner in the advertising campaign means success for business so we wish you to make the right choice.

Good luck!

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